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Couples Counselling is a specific area of counselling which requires specialised training and qualifications. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling, I’m fully qualified to help you with your relationship problems.

When you first meet a partner, life feels wonderful; your relationship is effortless and it’s easy to expect that it will always be that way. However, as time goes on, difficulties and worries can begin to make your relationship feel like hard work.

Your first step on the path to a better relationship

The very first step on the path to a better relationship is to understand that our relationships are where we do our best “life learning”. They are the context in which we can become our wisest self.

Because every person has their own individual past, and their own way of viewing the world, it’s inevitable that a relationship will have friction and disharmony at times. This is perfectly normal. Learning to overcome those challenges can be an opportunity to grow as a person, and to become stronger as a couple.

Not just for today – but on into the future.

What sort of problems do people bring to couples counselling?

Couples bring a variety of problems into therapy. Often a mix of the following:

  • Influences from outside the relationship: extended family,ex-partners, cultural differences, affairs
  • The impact of the past: limiting beliefs, fears, values
  • Practical issues: communication skills, time management, sexual problems, boundary setting etc

Typical Things Couples Struggle With:

Here’s a list of some typical things clients say to me. Perhaps some of them will be familiar to you too:

We can’t stop bickering,
It feels like we’re miles apart
One of us works away from home and its hard to adjust back into family life
He doesn’t understand how I feel
We can’t seem to find the love we once had.
I can’t forgive him/her
I don’t know how to trust
She wants children but I don’t
He doesn’t get on with my son/daughter
My stepchild doesn’t respect me
His ex is always intruding on our relationship
She still wants to hang out with her ex and I don’t trust him
His, or her, family doesn’t approve of me
I don’t know why he, or she, keeps lying to me
It’s like talking to a brick wall!

Why can’t we overcome our relationship problems by ourselves?

It’s likely that you’ve made several attempts at getting your relationship back on track- but even though you resolve things for a while, those problems keep popping back up –it can feel like quite a struggle.

It’s often the case that those problems are actually symptoms of deeper issues. With the help of a trained and experienced therapist, you can discover how those deeper issues may be impacting your relationship. Most importantly you can learn proven methods: tools and techniques to get past those issues – quickly and in ways that last.

How many couples counselling sessions will we need?

People often ask me how many sessions they’ll need. While every couple is different, I have a great deal of experience in couples therapy and so can generally help in just a few sessions  –  often meeting weekly at first, then once a month.

I also offer “homework tasks” to practice as a couple in between our sessions. Many couples report that they find this very helpful and effective.

How much does couples counselling cost?

Help from a qualified and experienced therapist is not inexpensive; it’s a financial investment—for your relationship and for your future. However, I focus on helping clients quickly move past the simple understanding of why they have problems – and place emphasis on the end result—getting your relationship back on track and into the future. The more invested you are in the process, the fewer sessions you will need.

Do we have to be married to come for couples counselling?

No, you do not have to be married. The only requirement is that you are in a relationship. I welcome couples in any kind of relationship, heterosexual, gay or lesbian; married or co-habiting; pre-living together, separating or divorcing; with or without children.

What if we decide we want to end the relationship?

Sometimes couples come to the conclusion that they are better off separating. even though living apart, many people will continue to have a relationship…. just of a different sort, and especially if you have children. It’s important that you find ways to get along in your new circumstances; after all, if you don’t get along as partners, you won’t get a long as exes.  Counselling sessions can help you negotiate this and find better ways of getting along for the future.

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Couples Counselling is a highly specialised are of counselling which requires specific training and qualifications.With a Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling, I’m fully qualified to help you with your relationship problems.