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  We can all face similar challenges and worries, but each of us is a unique person in our own right. We experience our relationships, work, health and life events from our own individual perspective. This is why I draw on my extensive toolbox of therapies and integrate them in a way that is tailored to your own specific needs. Those therapies include: Talk Therapy, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, CBT and Transactional Analysis You can read more about these different

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Couples Counselling

  Couples Counselling is a specific area of counselling which requires specialised training and qualifications. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling, I’m fully qualified to help you with your relationship problems. When you first meet a partner, life feels wonderful; your relationship is effortless and it’s easy to expect that it will always be that way. However, as time goes on, difficulties and worries can begin to make your relationship feel like hard work. Your first step on the path

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Supervision for Counsellors and Therapists

  I love supervising counsellors and therapists – it gives me great joy and inspiration to help you explore the processes that occur within your therapeutic relationships with your clients, and, to help you develop your professional practice and career. I often think of supervision as making the invisible, visible. With my specialist training and skills I can help you highlight the processes that are happening with your clients, and help you to consider different perspectives which may have been unclear before. Supervision

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L.V Burnett

Marlene Rose Shaw is an amazing therapist and an inspirational person. Highly recommended

S Harvey

Marlene is a professional and supportive therapist who has helped me understand how to manage my life priorities, deal with my problems and I had tried a number of ‘therapies’ over a period of 20 years and it was not until I met with Marlene and read her book ‘Out of Fear and Into Love’ that I started to live happily again. Her gentle and professional approach assured me she was listening and understood what I could do to get my life back on track. Marlene is an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has any problem from a simple ‘I don’t know what is the best option’ life decision to more complex problems such as depression and anxiety. Thank you Marlene

D Benton

Marlene is a fabulous therapist. Whatever your particular problem, she can help you think about things in a totally different way and offers you the tools to resolve your issues and move forward to a happier life. Her book is amazingly helpful too. Full of practical advice and really inspirational.

Healthy Mind Project

When I first went to see Marlene, I was in a place of mental isolation, suffering from severe panic attacks and great anxiety, which at its worst changed me from a very open, life-loving person, into an agoraphobic, who hardly ever ventured out. Marlene really helped me through that difficult, and harrowing time. With her help, and some positive life changes, I am now back to my life-loving self, with a few cognitive tools from the sessions with Marlene, that help keep my thoughts and emotions in check.

K Jones

Highly recommended, Marléne is amazing she offers and gives a life changing service

Out Of Fear Into Love

Why is it that we can so often see the changes we need to make for a happier life – yet we struggle to make, or maintain, those changes?

It’s frustrating to keep trying to improve relationships, work, confidence yet end up going round in circles with the same old struggles. As a therapist helping thousands of clients, I’ve seen that it’s deep-rooted limiting beliefs which cause this stuckness. These limiting beliefs run in the background of our awareness, like information on a hard drive – and much as we want to make changes they keep running the same old programs and so we fall back into the same old patterns.

The world of therapy has radically changed in recent years. Modern Energy Psychologies combined with conventional Talk Therapies means that we can go beyond the results that traditional counselling has to offer.

Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, (collectively known as Energy Psychology) are fast-acting methods which can access the subconscious mind to help you let go of self-limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck. By combining these leading edge techniques with traditional therapies such as Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T) and Transactional Analysis (T.A) I can help you quickly identify the underlying limiting beliefs that are causing your problems, let them go and create new more helpful

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I offer face-to-face counselling and therapy sessions in Miraflores, near Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, Malaga. I also offer online sessions across the Costa del Sol and worldwide via Skype or Zoom

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1.For very general information about qualifications, fees, length of sessions etc, please click one of these links: FAQs For Individual clients   | FAQs For Couples

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+34 602 489 656
+44 7429 440968

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Beliefs Discovery Tool

Find Out How the 4 most common limiting beliefs impact your life

Beliefs Discovery Tool

Did you know that how you feel, what you think and the choices you make, are mainly triggered by the beliefs embedded in your subconscious?Over thousands of client sessions, I’ve discovered that there are FOUR main limiting beliefs that cause problems for people - in relationships, in work and with self-confidence.This Belief Assessment Quiz is designed to help you discover the percentage to which these 4 self-limiting beliefs may be impacting on your life.Find out why these unhelpful patterns keep being repeated

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Counselling and Therapy Marbella Costa del Sol
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Counselling and Therapy Marbella Costa del Sol
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Any of the following may be familiar to you: You're stuck in a problem — you try to overcome it but nothing seems to work You overcome your problem for a while, but then it keeps popping back up in your life. You're highly motivated to make changes but somehow you keep slipping back into old patterns