Hi, I'm Marléne

I specialise in empowering people to become less fearful and more assertive, so that they can gain confidence and have more secure relationships

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We all want to be kind but that can mean we're not sure of our boundaries.

We ask ourselves: 

Should I say Yes, or should I say No? 

Should I speak up, or should I say nothing? 

Is this person disrespecting me, or am I being fussy?

The key lies in understanding the difference between Misguided Kindness and Conscious Kindness. 

Use this Conscious Kindness Checklist to help you find clarity and set better boundaries.

Plus, I'll send you tips and inspirations for more confidence and happier relationships.

Conscious Kindness Checklist

Learn how to finally stop people pleasing, gain respect and be properly heard.

Set boundaries that work, be your true self and know where you stand in your relationships.

Plus Free Online Companion Course 

Based on over 25 years helping clients gain confidence and have happier relationships.

Overcome Your Blocks To Positive Life Changes

Have you tried to make changes in your life but you've struggled to make it happen?

Perhaps you want to work on your confidence; set better boundaries, have better relationships?

Or maybe there's a dream goal that you've been trying to achieve?

But something keeps sabotaging you.

You've tried. You've read the self-help books; you've set out your goal plan; you've practiced the techniques.

It’s worked for a while, but then you've slipped back into old patterns.

Many personal development programs go straight to 'the problem and the solution'

They don’t stop to address the blocks that hold people back.

So people end up disappointed because they haven't been able to achieve what they want.

That's why I've created this 3-week online group program where you can learn to overcome those blocks first.

One-to-One Sessions

Private therapy is for you if you are seeking my dedicated time and focused attention devoted solely to help you make personal changes in your life.

If you’re ready to make a commitment, and an investment in yourself so you can live the life you desire and deserve on your own terms


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