Overcoming Anxiety: 3 Quirky Tricks To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Do you catch yourself being negative? It can be hard to get rid of negative thoughts. You try to be more positive but negativity can become a habit. When you let go of that habit, everything changes – your relationships will improve for starters, plus you’ll begin to feel lighter, happier and more confident.

Of course, there can be serious reasons for feeling low – such as a sign that something needs to change in your life. Or it could even be depression, in which case do please visit your GP.

But if negative thinking has simply become a habit, here are three interesting and quirky ways to break that pattern. Practising these, even for a few days will begin the process of rewiring your thinking patterns to become naturally positive

Instantly Get Rid of Negative Thoughts Using This Funny Visual Trick

One way to snap yourself out of a grumpy mood is the following visual trick.
Next time you catch yourself having a moan, imagine being up above yourself and looking down on yourself. Notice how you are stomping about and muttering about some negative event. See yourself grumbling and moaning away –  mutter, mutter, mutter! Notice the faces you are pulling and see just how funny you look. This will help you smile at yourself and feel immediately better.
Try it, it works a treat.

Use Technology to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Here’s another trick. It’s super simple and will bring your negative thoughts to a halt. Set up some reminders on your phone to pop up as notifications on your screen.

Make those messages cheeky and cheery. Here are some examples. You can use these, or tweak them as you wish.

  • “Are you having a negative thought right now? Really? Is it a good one?”
  • “Cheer up silly! You look like a monkey!”
  • “Smile – go on just twitch the corners of your mouth upwards a little – you can do it!”

And so you get the general idea!

Set these reminders to pop up at random times of the day, every day.  You’ll be surprised at how easily you begin to break the negativity habit.

Focus on an Object to Help Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

This one is based on the practice of Mindfulness. Take an object. I’m going to use a coin for this example, but you can use anything you like.
Now pick up the coin and think about its weight – is it heavy or light in your hand?

Does it make a sound if you shake it about a little?

Describe the colour – is it the same all over? Or varied?

And what shape is it?

What texture is it? And is it the same texture all over?

If your mind wanders, that’s ok – just start again, studying every aspect of your coin.

Focusing on an object in minute detail like this is a great way to calm the mind. Negativity is often due worrying about what will happen in the future or what went wrong in the past. This practice breaks that habit by training your brain to be completely in the here and now

We all get stuck in the grumps from time to time, but these quirky tips can quickly help to turn that around and come back into the happy confident you.

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