52 Power Phrases For Tricky Conversations

52 Power Phrases For Tricky Conversations

From overwhelm and fallouts to calm and productive conversations

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Does the following seem familiar?

  • You had planned what you wanted to say but then it came out all wrong.
  • Your emotions overwhelmed you.
  • You clammed up and just couldn't speak at all.
  • You came across as if you were accusing and attacking the other person when really you were just trying to say how you feel.
  • You reacted from your anxious inner child instead of responding from your calm adult self.
  • You were aware that what you were saying wasn’t helping. You knew you should stop - but you just kept ranting on!

We all have times when we need to have a sensitive conversation with someone.

It could be with your partner, your friend, a family member or a colleague.

Maybe it's something that's impacting your relationship.

You want to tell them how you're feeling about a particular issue.

You need to challenge disrespectful behaviour.

You’re worried about their personal well-being.

You don't feel that you’re being heard and acknowledged.

What's Your People Pleaser Profile?

The problem is that the more sensitive the message, and the closer we are to that person, the more difficult it can be to say what we need to say. 

And most of the time we get it wrong!

It just takes the right words

All too often these tricky conversations end up in conflict and hurt. Nothing gets resolved. And sooner or later the same old argument happens again.

Yet done in the right way these sensitive conversations can bring your relationship closer than it ever was before. 

It just takes the right words, because words are very powerful indeed.

Based on over 25 years helping clients gain confidence and have much better relationships, these power phrases will help you to:

  • Respond calmly
  • Be more clear
  • Be more kindly assertive
  • Gain respect
  • Be more adult
  • Find courage to speak from the heart
  • Seek and find win-win outcomes
  • Be closer than ever before

Get the entire pack for just $5

This pack Includes:

Power Phrases For Gaining Respect

Gain Respect

Weary of being disregarded and disrespected?

These 12 Power Phrases will help you find clarity, express your worth and gain respect.

Manage Conflict

Fed up bickering, rowing and falling out?

These 14 Power Phrases will help you easily deal with conflict, and create calm productive conversations.

Power Phrases For Dealing With Conflict
Power Phrases For Reconnecting


Feel like you're drifting apart?

These 14 Power Phrases will help you be heard and get deeply connected with your loved ones. 

Reclaim Your Time

Keep giving your time away, then wishing you hadn't?

These 12 Power Phrases will help you set good boundaries to reclaim your time and your life.

Power Phrases For Reclaiming Your Time


4 simple, yet profoundly effective communication strategies to bring your relationships to a higher level.

Thank you Marléne

'The phrases to deal with conflict saved my relationship. We used to get into terrible rows. The power phrase I used was:'

‘I think our behaviour right now isn’t doing us justice. We’re better than that.’

'It was so simple, yet it was like magic. We were able to stop and reflect on ourselves. It gave us space to look at our relationship as a whole and start listening to each other more.

John. K

'I've always been a people-pleaser. I'd get tongue-tied and couldn't say no to my family - then later I'd feel resentful. I started using the power phrase:'

‘I’m just wondering if there’s some way we can make this work for both our time schedules?’

'It worked and it was so easy! I just wish I'd had these phrases to hand sooner. Things are so much better now that I have them to refer to.'

 Sara. S

Get Your Power Phrases Pack

Based on over 25 years expertise in helping people gain self-esteem, overcome anxiety and create happier relationships.

Get the entire pack for just $5

Marléne Rose Shaw is a  therapist, coach and self help author. She has a thriving practice helping individuals and couples.

Her simple yet effective tips and techniques on helping relationships, communication and confidence have been featured in a variety of media, including: Deeper Life, Costa Women, Blog Talk Radio and Savvy Self Growth.

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