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​Anger is a common problem. It can harm your well-being, physical health, confidence, success and get in the way of happy relationships. We tend to think of anger as an emotion in itself, yet anger is often a reaction to deeper emotions. These can be hurt, frustration, rejection, humiliation and others.

​The human brain is built to “react to survive” and because of this it’s easy to skip across other emotions and go straight to anger

How can you help me overcome my anger problem?

​In your therapy sessions, I can help you to identify the root cause of your anger; often experiences from the past, and understand the connections ​from then ​to now.

I’ll also show you how to identify those other emotions which sit behind your anger, ​and learn to let them go before you ​reach the uncontrollable anger stage.

I've helped ​hundreds of people ​overcome ​anger issues using a blend of special techniques; including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T), Transactional Analysis(T.A) and Talk Therapy.

​Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, ​are great because you can also practice in your own time. These techniques are excellent for helping people permanently release distressing emotions which have been hijacking happiness. In this way, you’ll be able to deal with life’s challenges in more rational and calmer ways.​

I offer face-to-face counselling and therapy sessions in ​​​Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

I also offer online sessions ​internationally via Skype or Zoom​

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