You are a counsellor, coach or therapist who wants to bring a book into the world

You know you're ready.  It's time. But you don't quite know how to get started

You need help and guidance from someone who has already travelled the same path

Hi I'm Marléne Rose Shaw -  therapist, coach and self-help author.

I help people just like you. People who want to bring their heart-centred message into the world. They just need some help and guidance from someone who knows how to put all the pieces together

Here are some of the things my book coaching clients tell me:

  • I've got an idea for my book but I’m not sure how to get started
  • I have started writing my book but I'm getting a bit lost in the process
  • Fear creeps in, I find myself thinking who am I to write this book!
  • How will I go about getting my book published?
  • I keep procrastinating
  • What about editing, and the book cover?
  • What is an ISBN?
  • How do I get people to find out about my book and buy it?

Your Book Has an Energy All of its Own

Creating your book is not only about all the practicalities such as the writing process, editing, publishing and marketing,  there's also a huge emotional aspect to making your book manifest in the world. 

Your book is so much more than words on a page. From the very moment you have the notion to write your book, it becomes an entity in its own right -  it has an energy all of its own.


Your Relationship with Your Readers

In your one-to-one client work you form a special relationship with your clients, as you meet and get to know each other. It's different as a writer.

When people read your book they are also forming a relationship with you, but the difference is that you may never get to meet those readers in person. That relationship then is formed through the words, style, emotional layers and energy flow of your book. This is the magical relationship between author and reader.

So your book is not just information passed from you to the reader. It is a deep connection between yourself and each of them.

It is empathy and inspiration, it is love, care, acceptance and mastery. It is a magical connection.

I can help you find that magic and mastery. It starts by helping you understand the process of book writing. It starts by helping you create a relationship with your book. It starts by helping you uncover and clear the blocks that may get in the way.

Your Coaching Sessions

We will meet online for an initial free chat to see how I can best help. 

You can then decide if you would like sessions weekly, fortnightly or per month(or a mix)

Sessions are 1 hour. (Payment €, £, $)

  • Single Session: €75
  • Block of 3:  €200
  • Block of 6:  €385

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