Can Couples Counselling Keep Us Together?

Can Couples Counselling Keep Us Together?

When people come into couples counselling, they very often both want to save their relationship. The majority of the time we can do this, and they go on to have a relationship that is even stronger than it was before. 

At other times, people come into couples counselling with one person keener to save the relationship than the other. Again, we can often navigate through this and find a positive outcome. 

couples counselling is about helping you have The Best Possible Relationship

On occasion though, therapy highlights that the relationship can’t continue in its current form. It’s helpful to understand that ultimately couples counselling is about having the best possible relationship between two people - and sometimes that may mean having a different type of relationship.

If sessions lead us to this conclusion, I remind my clients that they’ll always have a relationship of some type - especially if they’ve had children together. 

Even if they don't have children, many of my clients have businesses together, or financial obligations, and so separating completely is not so straightforward. 

Alongside this, if you’ve been together for a long time you may well wish to maintain a friendship; it can seem inconceivable not to have that person in your life at all!

But as I tell my clients, even if you were to move to opposite ends of the planet, and never speak again, you’ll still always have a ‘relationship’ in your thoughts and memories of each other.

Therefore its crucial that you end the relationship in its current form in the best way possible.

Finding peace and happiness

So whatever the circumstances, couples therapy can help you make that ending as good as it can possibly be, and help you transition into a new, calmer and happier type of relationship. Ultimately its about you both finding peace and happiness.

Having said this, I've had many couples come into therapy convinced that their relationship is doomed to fail, and who have reached the end of their sessions very much in love. They have a renewed relationship that is deeper, more authentic, intimate and happier than they've ever been. 

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