What’s Lurking At The Bottom Of Your Stress Bucket?

Last time we looked at the image of the Stress Bucket.

Our bucket fills with stress and we need to find ways to release that stress. In the image, there’s a tap on the side of the Stress Bucket which can be turned to release stress. The method I mentioned which does this so well is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT is a method which I often teach my clients. It’s remarkably speedy and effective in letting go of stress and anxiety.

We also used this image to understand that while releasing stress is a great thing to do, we need to take note of what we’re putting into our Stress Bucket via poor habits, overwork, self-criticism etc.

In other words, it’s great to release stress, but we need to watch how much we keep replacing it!

Now let’s take this idea further – think about how stressful events from the past may be lurking at the bottom of your bucket and having an impact on your life today?
Imagine at the bottom of your Stress Bucket there is sediment; stuff that’s been there for a long time. It’s settled at the bottom and it tends to stay there.

This sediment is your long-held limiting beliefs

Quite often they are limiting beliefs about your own self-worth, thinking you’re not good enough, not lovable, not accepted. These are unhelpful beliefs that you formed many years ago; they dictate how you think, how you feel, the choices you make and the actions you take. They basically run your life; your relationships, your work, your confidence—all your experiences.

These beliefs are very powerful and they lurk there like sediment at the bottom of your bucket, often causing you stress without you even being aware of what’s going on.

So while watching how much stress you’re putting into your bucket, and using techniques to release that stress is a very good thing, there’s still the issue of that those unwanted beliefs lurking at the bottom of your bucket.

So what to do about the sediment?!

The answer, of course, is to uncover that sediment, to shake it up a little, to help it rise higher in your bucket so that you can turn the tap and release it. This is the beauty of EFT. Just as EFT can help you release current stress, it can also help you let go of unwanted beliefs.

You see we only start to believe something when we have experiences that matter a lot. By calling up those past experiences that had meaning to us, that mattered a lot, and clearing the stress from those past experiences, they matter less, thus the beliefs simply disappear!

I’ll be talking a lot more about limiting beliefs in future posts and the coming videos. In fact, my book Out Of Fear Into Love focuses on discovering and letting go of the FOUR main limiting beliefs that cause life to be such a struggle instead of a joy for so many people.

A Great Kindness to Self

Discovering and letting go of our limiting beliefs is probably the most helpful thing that any of us can do for ourselves. It’s a kindness to self, a way to transform our lives for the better—to start anew. As we understand the limiting beliefs that have been dictating our lives and let them go, we form new more helpful beliefs about our own worth, our lovability, our value, and life changes in remarkable ways. Those troubling experiences that we’ve struggled with over and over and over again in our relationships, in our work, with our confidence—they go, permanently.

Next time, more on limiting beliefs and what to do about them. For now here’s a useful list of Core Limiting Beliefs for you to download. See which ones seem familiar to you.