Out Of Fear Into Love: The Interview

I was absolutely thrilled to be interviewed by Liesel Teversham of SavvySelfGrowth.com about my latest book: Out Of Fear Into Love

Listen to the interview here


The interview delves deep into the book to take a look at what limiting beliefs truly are, how they begin in our lives and how to overcome them. In the interview, we talk about the four most common limiting beliefs which come up time and time again in the therapy room

Whether it’s a problem with a relationship, or confidence, a problem with work or achieving what they want to achieve in life….. I realised that very often it’s the same four limiting beliefs that come up – time and time again

We discuss how these limiting beliefs continue to be reinforced in our lives until we find ways to identify them and let them go.

People often say just learn to love yourself and everything will be fine…., it will all work out … and yes I agree, how your life can change when you start to practice self-love is remarkable …but it’s very hard to just start loving yourself when you have blocks of fear, limiting beliefs that are there buried in your subconscious… we have to come out of the fear first to make room for the love to flow into our lives.

I talk about a very easy way to quickly identify your limiting beliefs and we take a look at a wonderful tool to clear them from the subconscious mind: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

When we live our lives according to these unhelpful beliefs we’re in a constant state of fear…..it’s about coming out of that, letting go of those limiting beliefs and then finding ways to replace them with love

When we begin to live our lives from a place of love instead of fear everything changes for the better. We go on to discuss the magical power of self-love, and specifically how the book covers proven ways to practice the four types of self-love that these limiting beliefs have been blocking.

I’ve heard many a client say, I want to be kinder to myself, but actually now I come to think of it, I’m not really sure? how do I do that?

Practicing these self-loving ways of being can very quickly improve your confidence, your relationships, and your ability to achieve your dreams.

….it’s about connecting with that little boy or that girl within and saying well done you – but its time now to let go now. I can take over now you don’t have to keep battling on and struggling anymore

 I’m thrilled to have been invited to take part in this interview. If you enjoy it, please do leave a comment.