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Deciding to have therapy is a wonderful step in creating the life you deserve. We all have the power to shape our lives, but like anything we want to achieve we often need a little help to get there. That's why therapy can be so helpful.

Life Is Meant To Be Happy

Life is meant to be happy, but like many people, you may have become trapped in patterns that are preventing you from fully enjoying it. 

Maybe it's problems in your relationships, or struggles with self-confidence. Perhaps you tend to people-please, always putting others first and not living life on your terms. Or maybe you have dreams and goals, but no matter how hard you try you keep getting knocked back.. 

It’s likely that you’re tired of trying to make things better, going around in circles and feeling stuck. But the fact that you're here is a wonderful thing, because now you can make changes for the better.

Making real change is like crossing a bridge

Making real change is like crossing a bridge, from the old version of your life to reach the new version. It can be hard to do that alone. You need help from an expert who has the necessary skills to guide you across that bridge. Someone who will be by your side, showing you the way, and giving you the right tools and techniques.

On your therapy journey, I'll help you gain empowering insights, and a deep understanding of yourself and your relationships. I’ll help you get clarity on what you really want from life and how to make that happen. I’ll teach you proven skills to let go of fear, set boundaries and clear goals and communicate those with courage.

This Is Change For Life

The wonderful thing about therapy is that once you cross this bridge you’ll never go back to the struggles you once had because once we learn something we cannot unlearn it. You'll finally be free from unhelpful patterns so that you can create stronger relationships, a greater sense of confidence, and a sense of control over your own life.

How to Arrange Your Therapy Sessions

Take a look at the therapy options below, then fill out the form. I’ll get back to you to arrange your free 30-minute consultation. You can tell me in person about what's concerning you, and together we'll come up with a plan to help you move forward to a much happier life.

My life has improved so much from your work with me . I'm continually amazed the way people respond to me now. They respect me.
Marléne helps you think about things in a totally different way and offers you the tools to resolve your issues and move forward to a happier life. Her books are amazingly helpful too. Full of practical advice and really inspirational.
Marléne has changed my life. A brilliant mixture of professionalism and empathy, I felt comfortable talking and discussing issues with Marléne and can not thank her enough for what she’s done for me.

My life is completely different!

Therapy Options

If you're not clear which option is right for you, that's no problem. We can discuss this in your free consultation

Empowered You

A proven 12-session therapy framework (across 3 months), specifically tailored to your unique needs.

€2,275 (Currency equivalent)

Empowered You is the therapy journey for you if you want to feel more confident in specific areas of your life, such as your relationships and achieving your goals.

Maybe you’re stuck in the habit of people-pleasing, you find it hard to set boundaries and you struggle to find your voice. Perhaps you grapple with self-doubt and anxiety which limits your freedom to live the life you want

Empowered You is a personal therapy journey that will help you overcome the blocks that have been holding you back, find your inner courage, and learn to communicate your needs without guilt or fear.

12 x 60 minute personal therapy sessions

A wealth of proven resources and tools to help you develop the skills and confidence to create the empowered life and relationships that will bring you great happiness.

Elevate Your Life

A proven 12-session therapy framework (across 6 months), specifically tailored to your unique needs.

€3,175 (Currency equivalent)

Elevate Your Life is for you if you have already overcome challenges, you’ve gained confidence, and are feeling more empowered in your relationships.

Now that you’ve begun to step into your power and live life on your own terms, what do you really want for your life going forward? 

And most importantly how can you make that happen?

In this personal therapy journey, you'll learn how to raise your consciousness to a higher level. You'll develop advanced 'life mastery' skills so that you can develop deeper intuition and manifest the abundant life you desire. 

12 x 60 minute personal therapy sessions

A wealth of resources and tools to help you become a skilled creator of your own reality, so you can experience the wonderful life that you truly deserve.

Empowered You and Elevate Your Life  

9-month therapy journey including Empowered You, followed by Elevate Your Life

€5,135 (Currency equivalent)

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