1:1 Therapy Sessions

Option 1 - Single Sessions

Having a dedicated block of sessions is always the best way forward because this helps you to be more focused and committed to the process. However if you prefer to book sessions one at a time, that is absolutely fine. 

$250 USD / €235 / £197 per session

(Note the free consultation session is not included when booking single sessions)

Option 2 - Courage To Be You - 12-session therapy framework 

Do you struggle to speak up and be your true self in relationships? Maybe you find it hard to set boundaries, be acknowledged, heard and respected.

Courage To Be You is a 12-session therapy framework (over 3 months), specifically tailored to your unique needs. On this journey you'll move from fear and uncertainty to living life on your own terms, building strong relationships, and finding the confidence to achieve your goals and dreams.

$2,650 / €2,475  / £2085 

Includes: 12 x 60 minute personal therapy sessions

Plus dedicated resources and tools, videos, audios and worksheets, to help you apply what you learn in sessions and develop the skills and confidence to create an empowered life and relationships.

Free consultation session

To Arrange Your Free Consultation

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Here's What We’ll Be Doing on Your Therapy Journey

We’ll start by helping you gain clarity on what you really want from life, and identify the blocks that are getting in your way.

Then we’ll set some goals to help you let go of those blocks so that you can make space to create the life and relationships you want to have.

I’ll teach you techniques to manage overwhelming emotions, so that as you dig deep into your heart during this journey, you’ll feel safe to explore your emotions and release the emotional blocks that have been holding you back.

Next we’ll look at actionable steps you can take to make positive changes in your life. I’ll teach you proven skills including C.B.T., T.A. and EFT, to help you set boundaries that work, and communication strategies to confidently say what you need and be heard by others. 

We'll go at your own pace, applying what you learn in sessions to your own personal circumstances and goals so that you can see your progress as we go along.

By the end of the journey you'll have stepped into a new version of you.

  • You’ll no longer be going around in circles and feeling stuck.
  • You’ll find that you're no longer people-pleasing and that you're able to say no without fear or guilt. People will be more inclined to acknowledge you, listen to you and respect you.
  • You’ll be equipped with lifelong skills which you can apply in different circumstances and across all your relationships.
  • You’ll notice that you're beginning to attract the right people into your life, and the right circumstances will align so that you can make a success of the things you want to achieve in life.
  • You'll be living life confidently on your own terms. You'll have found courage to be you!

Making real change is like crossing a bridge

Making real change is like crossing a bridge, from the old version of your life to reach the new version. It can be hard to do that alone. You need help from an expert who has the necessary skills to guide you across that bridge. Someone who will be by your side, holding you steady and showing you the way.

The wonderful thing about therapy is that when you cross this bridge you’ll never go back to the struggles you once had, because once we learn something we cannot unlearn it. You'll finally be free from unhelpful patterns. You'll be in control of your own destiny. 

Your Next Step

Please note all sessions are online via Zoom, WhatsApp video, or another application of your choice.

After reading through the information, fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you to arrange your free 30-minute consultation. You can tell me in person about what's concerning you, and together we'll come up with a plan to help you move forward to a much happier life.

My life has improved so much from your work with me . I'm continually amazed the way people respond to me now. They respect me.
Marléne helps you think about things in a totally different way and offers you the tools to resolve your issues and move forward to a happier life. Her books are amazingly helpful too. Full of practical advice and really inspirational.
Marléne has changed my life. A brilliant mixture of professionalism and empathy, I felt comfortable talking and discussing issues with Marléne and can not thank her enough for what she’s done for me.

My life is completely different!

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