Help for ​Confidence and Low Self-Esteem:

Lagos, Algarve

English speaking therapist. Counselling and therapy for confidence and low self-esteem

​Are you seeking an English speaking therapist to help with your confidence and self-esteem? I specialise in ​counselli​ng and therapy ​for confidence and low self-esteem​.

If you're struggling with your confidence you probably find that it stops you from achieving what you want in life. Maybe you know why you lack confidence; perhaps there is a specific reason or ​memories from the past, or even recent events that have had had an impact on your self-esteem.​

​See if you recognise yourself in any of the following:​​​

  • ​I'm just shy
  • Other people are good at socialising, I'm not
  • ​I'm a people pleaser
  • People will eventually see that I am not as good as they thought
  •  ​​I have dreams but I 'm not confident enough to go for ​them
  • I get panicky

​Two main reasons people struggle with confidence

​It may be that you are struggling with your confidence due to a traumatic life event such as a bereavement or the end of a relationship. I can help you work through those events so that you can process what has happened and come out stronger, ready for a happier future.

​If confidence has always been an issue, it is very likely ​caused by unhelpful and unwanted beliefs about yourself and how you fit into the world ​

Those beliefs ​live in your subconscious mind. These dictate all the decisions, feelings, choices, and actions of your everyday life. ​

When you discover, and let go of, these limiting beliefs and replace them with more healthy and positive ways of viewing yourself, your confidence will increase very quickly.

​What techniques do you use?

I've helped ​hundreds of people to overcome low self-esteem and confidence issues using a blend of counselling and therapy techniques: including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T), Transactional Analysis(T.A) and Talk Therapy.

​I ​ also teach my clients specific self-help tools to take away ​so that you have a handy confidence booster whenever you want it

How to get in touch with me

I offer face-to-face counselling and therapy sessions in ​​​Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

I also offer online sessions ​internationally via Skype or Zoom​

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