Courage To Be You The Membership

Doors Open August 15th 2024

Which of the following do you relate to?
"It's exhausting always feeling responsible for everyone's elses happiness. I spend so much time making sure others are okay that I have no time for myself. I want to be more assertive and set boundaries, but the fear of being seen as uncaring holds me back." 

All this can change

In the Courage To Be You membership you’ll learn how to easily set better boundaries so that you can finally take the pressure off; let go of guilt and worry, and start living life for yourself. 

"I tend to shy away from conflict. I've had angry people around me in the past. I don't like feeling anxious or worried, so I try my best to keep everyone happy. But I still find myself caught in the middle and I'm made the scapegoat."

All this can change

In the Courage To Be You membership you'll learn proven skills for managing your emotions, so that you can get past the worry and anxiety and stand firm in your wishes and opinions.

"I find that when I try to help my friends and family, they get cross with me. It hurts my feelings because I'm only trying to help. I feel rejected and I don't understand why I rub people up the wrong way!"

All this can change

In the Courage To Be You membership, you'll learn helpful communication techniques so that you can express yourself in a way that means you're heard and well-received, leading to stronger relationships and a more positive response to your support.

"I tend to fall in with other people's plans and choices. Even when I have an opinion, I hesitate to express it for fear of what people may think. I haven't spent much time thinking about what I truly want in life. There's this constant niggling feeling that there's more; a path and purpose waiting to be discovered, but I'm unsure where to begin!

All this can change

In the Courage To Be You membership, you'll learn specific techniques to help you gain great self-knowledge and awareness, so that you can find your passion and purpose, stand firm in your desires, and be acknowledged for who you are.

"I constantly put other people’s needs before my own because I feel guilty if I say no. So I say yes to everything, but then I find that people take me for granted! So I end up tired and burnt out and wishing I had more time for myself. I ask myself why other people don’t treat me as well as I treat them?"

All this can change

In the Courage To Be You membership you’ll learn how to easily bring self-kindness, compassion and acceptance into your life, so that you can have a more equal balance of giving and receiving in your relationships.

When we learn to let go of fear, step away from the shadow of other’s opinions and find courage to live life on our own terms - well life becomes pretty amazing!

It's time to make the shift

Here's What Happens In The Courage To Be You Membership

Monthly Group Online Workshop

We meet once a month on Zoom. It's a supportive Personal Development Group where you can explore challenges, receive valuable feedback and professional guidance, and focus on achieving your goals.

Library of Professional Resources

To Read - To Watch - To Listen. Plus easy worksheets to help you gain clarity and set clear goals.

In your dashboard you'll find Foundational Resources which will provide you with the essential building blocks to reach your goals, such as managing your emotions and mastering your mindset

You'll also find Skill-Building Resources which will equip you with practical tips, techniques, and strategies for success, such as boundary setting and communication skills.

Personal Goal Resources

In your dashbard you'll also find your Personal Goal Resources. These are specially designed worksheets and templates to help you map out your goals, define your future vision and reflect and review your ongoing progress.

Private Community 

Alongside the monthly group coaching call there is a dedicated private community for you which provides a safe space for regular connection with the other members of the community. In the grouop you can share your experiences, receive valuable feedback and support, and gain access to bitesize tips and inspiration.


Many people start a personal development practise, but then life gets in the way and it falls by the wayside. Being part of the Courage To Be You membership means you'll have small but consistent steps to keep you motivated and on track, learning and growing all the time. 

When you share your goals with the group, it can be surprisingly motivating. Just by saying what you're focusing on, you become more invested in seeing it through. Plus, the group will offer you support and cheer you along the way. 

$55 / €51 / £45 per month

Doors Open August 15th 2024

Early Bird Bonuses

  • First month free membership
  • 30-minute consultation to help you get clear on your goals

When you step into your life and find courage to be you:

  • People will stop taking you for granted, so that you can have much better relationships where you feel acknowledged and respected.
  • You’ll be able to break free from unhelpful patterns of over-giving so that you can manage people's expectations and demands on you.
  • You’ll stop ‘rescuing’ people so that you can encourage them to be more independent and you can have the freedom to prioritise your own needs.

  • You'll be more empowerd in your communication, so that you can speak up with confidence and be fully heard.
  • You’ll be able to say no without guilt. 
  • You'll let go of the resentment from always saying yes, then having no time for yourself.
  • You'll feel confident to set personal limits and set clear boundaries, with kindness

Learn how to say goodbye to people-pleasing, feel more self-assured and have confident, happy relationships where you’re heard, acknowledged and respected.

Heartwarming Feedback  

Marléne's workshops are a great mix of everything important. I really enjoy her teaching and being part of the group - sharing experiences. The exercises she shares are powerful in helping me access a more empowered and confident part of myself.

My life has improved so much from your work with me. I'm continually amazed the way people respond to me now - they respect me.

I really, really love this group! A supportive group with a leader, a coach who keeps us focused

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the changes you have made to my life already.

What I really like about Marléne's workshops is the simplicity of the tips she teaches  - but how effective they are when I put them into practice.

The homework and resources have really helped me take what you teach and put new ways of communicating into proper practice. I now feel super confident and have the skills to speak and be heard. 

I always come away from the group feeling like I've moved forward.

Marléne provides a safe space and her expertise so that you can relax, let old stuff go, learn new things and grow by leaps and bounds. 

This is how we change our world.

By starting with ourselves, one step at a time

Doors Open August 15th 2024

$55 / €51 / £45 per month

Your Questions Answered

Will the Zoom calls be recorded?

Yes the Zoom calls will be recorded.

Each recording will be uploaded to your dashboard and remain there for a month, so you will have plenty of time to watch the replay.  

Can I cancel my memberhsip at anytime?

Yes absolutely the membership is paid monthly and you can cancel whenever you want to. 

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