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An Exceptional Life is a Work in Progress

Leading an exceptional life is not an end goal, but an ongoing process. It's about embracing life's lessons and working through them on a journey of personal development.

Through personal development we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. We explore self-worth, beliefs systems and emotional intelligence. We gain understanding of how the human mind works, and we learn tools and techniques such as assertiveness and communication skills.

This rewards us with great confidence and happier, more secure relationships

Something Extraordinary Happens in a Community

But none of us have to make this journey alone. When people come together to work on personal development something extraordinary happens. Sharing common problems, offering support and receiving it. Sharing and celebrating progress, wins and insights; this is a magical process!

The Exceptional Life Community is the place to do this.

In this free community hosted by therapist Marléne Rose Shaw, you will receive:

  • Fortnightly digest emails with tips on more confidence and happier relationships.
  • Inspirations to help you overcome fear and self-doubt so that you can make changes for the better.
  • Updates and suggestions on resources to help you reach your full potential.Useful resources on topics such as confidence building, overcoming anxiety, relationships, meditation, creativity etc.

I don't quite know how you do it but you always seem to pop up in my inbox when needed DE

Your emails are always helpful and always inspiring, encouraging me to stop, look and listen to myself SH

Hi Marléne, I love these inspirational emails and want to thank you LA

You will also get access to the Exceptional Life Community Facebook group.

The group is a safe space for you to be your authentic self, get and give support, share your worries and celebrate your wins.

  • Weekly questions for us to consider and discuss the deeper aspects of life.
  • Space to share your creativity
  • Positivity boosters
  • A weekly live video with Marléne teaching topics based on over 25 years as a therapist

The Exceptional Life group has been one of the most amazing experiences and I have found much love and support here as well as professional therapy and self-help techniques that have made such a difference to me SH

I’m really enjoying this group and the weekly activities . Thank you Marléne SD

Marléne I really love your unique perspective and your teachings in the FB Lives - Thank you for all you do.

We all admire and are inspired by the wise people we meet in life. They are living a happy and confident life because they’re on an ever learning journey into wisdom.

You too can become one of the ‘wise people’ by joining the Exceptional Life Community today.

You are so very welcome.

Join the Exceptional Life Membership. It's Free! Get your tools, tips and resources on more confidence and happier relationships