Gratitude – A Shortcut to Happiness

Are you happy today? Or are you waiting until you meet the right person, get the right job, travel to a different location?

Many people treat happiness as something that’s there on the horizon, often sought after, but never quite reached. Yet happiness is something that we can all experience at any time by practicing the art of gratitude.

These days’ gratitude is a well-known concept – people often talk about its benefits – but how does gratitude actually work?

Gratitude from a Quantum Perspective

The world of quantum physics tells us that whatever we place our attention on is what we will experience. This is true for you right now at this moment. As you are reading this, this is the reality you are experiencing because you have chosen to place your attention here rather than elsewhere.

Consider the following scenarios.

  • “Focus on your studies and you learn more….”
  • “Keep up the exercise routine and you’ll become fitter…”
  • “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves!”

When we focus on what we already have so we bring more of that into our lives. It’s a fundamental law of life itself.

Gratitude to change your choices and actions

The thoughts you have affected the way you feel and in turn the way you feel impacts on what you do. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life; having appreciative thoughts about those, will heighten your mood. Those positive feelings will help you make better choices. This will lead you to take more helpful actions with more positive results – so you’ll have even more to be grateful for, and on it goes on!

Putting Gratitude into Practice

One way to practice gratitude is to simply focus on appreciation for what you have in your life. For example, consider 3 things that you’re grateful to have in your life today. Maybe you appreciate your eyesight to read this, your education to understand these words, a special person in your life, food on your table, clothes on your back……

Notice your mood shift, and tune in to how the sensations in your body too – perhaps a little heart flutter of joy, a relaxation of shoulders.

Mentally listing these positives in your life is just one way to practice gratitude, but there are other ways too that will help you get into a habit of gratitude that will change your life experiences for the better. With this in mind, I’ve put to together a Free Gratitude Course for you.

7 Days To Master The Art of GratitudeIt takes just a few minutes each day, for one week.

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