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A lot of the time, addictive behaviours and unhelpful habits come about because life feels like a struggle. You use your habit, whatever that may be, to soothe yourself from the overwhelming problems you are experiencing. Sometimes these are problems that come from other people or situations in your life. Sometimes they are the result of you pushing yourself too hard which creates a need to comfort yourself.

Perhaps one or more of the following statements seem familiar to you?

  • I feel I have to be strong and not show my feelings
  • When I buy lots of things, have a cigarette, drink, use drugs, gamble etc. it makes me feel better for a short while
  • Then I feel even worse and vow to stop
  • I tell myself that I don’t spend, smoke, drink gamble as much as other people
  • I promise myself I will stop this habit but I keep going back to it
  • I sometimes feel all alone in the world

We run our lives from the beliefs that we hold in our subconsious mind. These dictate all the decisions, feelings, choices, and actions of our everyday life. You formed the majority of your beliefs a long time ago when you were too young to understand how the world works, and so those beliefs are completely mistaken.

How can you help me?

In order to break these habits it’s most helpful to go back and recognise when you first decided that life was so difficult that you needed to be comforted, to release those unwanted beliefs and create new and healthy ones that free you up.

Whats also really important to understand with addictive habits is that they are created by repeated behaviours and thoughts which need to be weakened whilst other, more healthy habits, are strengthened.

I help people to break their unwanted habits with Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting which are collectively known as Energy Psychology. I combine these with my many years of working in traditional therapy to help you to quickly disover and release unwanted habits and to work on creating new healthier habits.

You will be able to

  • See clearly where the problems started
  • Let go of beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Set clear boundaries for yourself and stick to them
  • Find new ways of thinking and behaving that improve your happiness and sense of confidence

How do I get in touch with you?

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