Why Practicing Self-Acceptance Will Make You More Successful

Why Practising Self-Acceptance Will Make You More Successful

If you're familiar with my work, you’ll know that I often talk about the magic of self-acceptance. I just love encouraging my clients toward a better understanding that accepting themselves will make life tremendously better!

Self-acceptance truly is a magical art. It makes your relationships much better because you're no longer relying on others to make you feel good about yourself.

But it interestingly, self-acceptance also helps us to become more successful and make our dreams come true.

Does that sound like a sweeping statement? Think of it in the following steps:

The opposite of self-acceptance is self-criticism.

If you’re trying to achieve a goal, and you criticise yourself, saying ‘I’m no good,’ ‘I’m wrong,’ ‘I should do better,’ you put yourself under a lot of stress.

Stress activates the part of your brain called the Amygdala (which controls the fight, flight or freeze response).

The amygdala always wants to protect you if it feels you're under threat in some way - so the fact that you’re being mean to yourself makes the amygdala decide that you must be at risk.

You basically put yourself in freeze mode!

Thus you won’t be able to focus and think creatively because the amygdala's primary concern is to get you out of some perceived danger first.

If you can't focus and think creatively, you won't be able to come up with solutions to problems. You stay stuck.

Not good!

How Practising Self-Acceptance Will Make You More Successful

However, once you relax and accept yourself as doing your best, the amygdala will calm down because it no longer thinks you're under threat.

Then you’ll be able to focus and think creatively again and solutions to your goals will seem to appear out of nowhere. 

Self-acceptance then means you’ll be much more successful in your working life and in achieving your dreams.

Self-Acceptance Leads To a Successful Life

This all comes together beautifully.

Because self-acceptance gives you better relationships, you’ll have more support from others to help you achieve your dreams.

Because self-acceptance enhances your creativity, you’ll be more able to reach your working goals

Because self-acceptance stops negativity you’ll be free to go forward and achieve your dreams.

So the next time you're being hard on yourself, remember the way forward is not achieved by beating yourself up and berating yourself for failings. The way forward is through practising self-acceptance.

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