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Marléne Rose Shaw is a therapist, coach and self-help author.

With over 25 years experience, she specialises in helping people gain confidence, learn great communication skills and have happier relationships. She helps individuals and couples, as well as running online group coaching programs.

Typically she helps people, ages of 30-60, who want to break unhelpful patterns and start living a more assertive and authentic life. She is particularly known for her calm, friendly and relatable approach both in person and reflected in her books and resources.

Currently living in Portugal, when she is not working Marléne enjoys long walks by the sea, cooking and eating with friends and writing.


A graduate of the University of Sussex, Marléne holds professional therapist qualifications including her Honours Degree in Applied Psychology, Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision and Post Graduate Certification in Couples Therapy. She also holds practitioner certification in a number of specialist therapies that complement her services.

Her professional background involves experience in a wide range of fields, from domestic violence to homelessness, from addiction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Her simple yet effective tips and philosophies on relationships, communication and confidence have been featured in a variety of media outlets, including: Deeper Life, Costa Women, Blog Talk Radio and Savvy Self Growth.


Marléne’s mission is to inspire and empower people so they can enjoy being self-confident in all their relationships. She has witnessed time and again how this has a ripple effect. She believes that each personal transformation contributes to creating a more secure and evolved world overall.

In the Media

Alongside appearing on a number of podcasts and interviews, Marléne is the resident therapist for the podcast Deeper Life, where she guests each month discussing topics such as assertiveness, respect, communication skills, self-love and relationships.


Amazon Author Page

Marléne is the author of How Kind People Get Tough and Out of Fear, Into Love

both of which have received 5 star reviews.

She has also created a number of action guides and resources to help people achieve more confidence and happier relationships

How Kind People Get Tough
Book Out Of Fear Into Love
Action Guide How To Resolve Conflict

Media Consultant

Marléne is a script and story-line consultant. She is called upon to help provide authenticity for books and film scenes where therapy is involved. 

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