Matrix Reimprinting

Big Traumas and Small Traumas

Traumatic experiences happen to all of us in some form or another. This can be “Big Traumas” such as a physical attack, child abuse, or a car accident.

However many of us have “Small Traumas” and particularly in childhood. These smaller traumas can be as simple as a parent telling us off, or being left out of a group at school, or any number of events that create an emotional impact on us.

The Blueprint of Your Memories

These trauma’s have a lasting impact because when they happened, they led you to make a decision about yourself, others and about how the world works. These decisions formed beliefs which have become deeply ingrained in your subconsious mind.

Then, as you go through life, you think, feel, and make decisions and choices based on those beliefs.

These are your limiting beliefs

Some examples of these are:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I must be strong
  • I have to keep pleasing people
  • People let me down
  • I’m not loveable

…and many more.

This means that the traumatic experiences you had long ago as a child may well be having an effect on your life today as an adult.

How Does Matrix Reimprinting Work?

Matrix Reimprinting works by your therapist taking you into a semi-meditative state so that you can step back in time, and work with your younger self to repair the problem at its very root.

Using specific methods, your therapist will help you to de-traumatise your younger self, and review the unhelpful belief that was formed at the time. This is not to change a memory, but rather to disengage the emotional blocks that were caused by it.

Alongside this, Matrix Reimprinting enables you to consider the experience from an adult perspective and make a cognitive shift to think about it in a more helpful and logical way.

Living a New Life

One of the great appeals of Matrix Reimprinting is that it enables you to create new and healthy beliefs such as “I am good enough” and “I am loveable”. This means you can start creating new happier and healthier experiences and thus a completely new life!

In my experience I’ve found that Matrix Reimprinting works particularly well when used in conjunction with traditional Talk Therapy because every person is unique in their own way  –  so I tailor Matrix Reimprinting to your own particluar needs in the session.

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