The People-Pleaser Discovery Quiz

Identify Your Blind Spots

People-pleasing is very common -  most of us do it from time to time. 

However, if you spend a lot of time trying not to rock the boat, taking responsibility for other people’s happiness, and saying yes when you want to say no, I’m guessing you’re not feeling very happy or fulfilled.

It's likely that you feel taken for granted, unheard and never feel fully confident in your own skin.

But just saying: ‘I want to stop people-pleasing’ isn't very effective.

In order to overcome the habit you need to know your own personal blind spots.

These are the specific people-pleasing behaviors that you'll benefit from focusing on. It could be that you need to set better boundaries, practise more self-love, learn powerful communication strategies or manage overwhelming emotions.

So I've developed this quiz for you.

Based on over 25 years helping people speak up, be more confident and have happier relationships.

Take this quiz so that you can discover the exact areas that you personally need to focus on to help you overcome the people-pleasing habit.

And I'll send you some tips to show you how!


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