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Alexis and our new Deeper Life resident therapist, Marléne Rose Shaw, host a conversation around assertiveness, kindness, boundaries and advocating for yourself.

We not only cover how kindness and assertiveness can co-habitate, but we also talk about being consciously kind and the idea of misguided kindness. Another topic we dive into is making decisions with assertiveness and the stigmas that come with being assertive. We work through setting boundaries with the people closest to you and highlight the importance of being an advocate and speaking up for yourself and your needs.

In this episode with deeper life resident therapist, Marléne Rose Shaw, we taking a deep dive into forgiveness. Marléne shares her wisdom on what forgiveness really means and what happens in the body when we are in the forgiveness process. We cover how to know when you are ready to forgive someone, common steps of the forgiveness journey, the difference between forgiving and forgetting and so much more!

In this episode with Deeper Life resident therapist, Marléne Rose Shaw, we are covering all things self-acceptance, self-esteem and bridging the gap to confidence. We talk about the differences between them, as well as, how we can have self-acceptance while still holding space for growth and self-improvement.

Stick around to the end of the episode where Marléne answers a few questions from listeners.

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How do we measure confidence? Where does confidence really comes from? The key to confidence is found in self-knowledge and self-awareness. It's in becoming an observer of your own life and learning to ask yourself the right questions. In this episode, the Deeper Life Resident therapist Marléne Rose Shaw walks us through her new book 7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves.

Why do emotions sometimes overwhelm us? How can we stop emotions overwhelming us? Why is it important to be in touch with our feelings? How can we become master of our feelings instead of them becoming master of us? How does the subconscious figure in feelings? This episode, our resident therapist Marlene Rose Shaw talks about one of the seven core questions that leads to more confidence, which is "How am I feeling right now?"

Welcome back to another episode of Deeper Life. Today, resident therapist Marlene and I are talking about the act of forgiving ourselves. We dive into the seriousness of the topic as well as the graceful lightheartedness towards understanding our humanity. 

We really peel back the layers on what does it really look like and mean to forgive ourselves and how does it overlap with forgiving other people. We also talk through the role that shame plays in forgiving ourselves and the core shame that we feel that keeps us from actually forgiving ourselves and moving forward. We even touch on values, morals, good vs. bad and how these play a huge role in how we are as humans.

Stick around to the end of the episode where Marléne answers a few questions from listeners around forgiveness.

Often times, fear gets in the way of our growth and potential more than we'd like it to. In this episode, Alexis is joined by the Deeper Life resident therapist Marléne Rose Shaw to talk through all things fear.

In this episode, we cover four core areas of fear:

  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of People's Opinions

In this episode, join me Alexis, and the Deeper Life Resident Therapist Marléne Rose Shaw in discussing gaining, giving, and restoring respect.

We discuss how to build more self respect, the role respect plays in relationships and the workplace, how to use respect as a way to defuse conflict, and more!

This episode is all about how to deal with opposing viewpoints in relationships and how to clearly communicate on your differences. We also touch on creating a safe environment together so that you both can feel comfortable enough to express what is true for you and recognize how your life experiences influence your perspectives. We also go through anger management when a conversation is not well received, rebuilding trust, forgiveness and answer some audience questions.

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