Reclaim Your Close Connection

Get Your Relationship Back On Track

Imagine being able to reconnect and bring your relationship closer than it's ever been.

£39 / $47

Make space for your relationship.

Stop Drifting Apart. Heal nurture and cultivate your connection. Find the closeness and intimacy that you once had.

Create Heart-Centred Connection

Get a deeper understanding of each other’s experiences. Express from your heart without fear of judgement. Listen and be truly heard.

Discover Why people become stuck

Identify unhelpful patterns in your relationship so that you can begin to easily break those cycles.

In many years helping couples save their relationship, people have told me:

It feels like we’re miles apart

He /She doesn’t understand how I feel

We've lost the intimacy

 I'm just so hurt, I can’t forgive 

I don’t know how to trust again

We're going around in circles

It's like talking to a brick wall

The good news is that it's perfectly possible to overcome your problems and rediscover the loving connection and emotional intimacy that you once had.

Start Rekindling Your Relationship Today

In this course you will learn specific tools and techniques to help you rekindle the close connection that you want to find.

The course is based on helping couples in couples therapy. It has proven skills to help you regain a closer and deeper relationship.

You can take the lessons in your own time and repeat them as often as you like.


£39 / $47

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Thank You so much!

I can't believe I've learnt so much from this course! We're happier than we ever were!

We're back on track.

It feels like we are back on the same track instead of running along on parallel lines.

The homework exercises made all the difference

Following the tips in your videos and doing the exercises means we can now speak openly and from the heart and we are so close! Thank you!

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About The Course Teacher,

Marléne Rose Shaw is a therapist, coach and self-help author.

With over 25 years experience, she specialises in helping people have great confidence and wonderful relationships.

Reclaim Your Close Connection 

Get Your Relationship Back On Track

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