Sadness – Can It Be a Good Thing?

Human beings experience a wide range of emotions, and as I say in Out Of Fear Into Love, these emotions can come under the umbrella of either Love or Fear.

Fear emotions are the negative ones, such as anger, hurt, resentment etc.

and of course, love emotions are the positive ones, such as approval, warmth, compassion, kindness etc.

But what about the emotion we call sadness?

We often think of sadness in a negative sense (we can confuse it with depression) – but is being sad in its truest form really a negative experience? In helping hundreds of people process life challenges, I’ve come to understand that sadness can be a positive experience. This is because sadness is very often an emotion that involves acceptance.

All experiences that cause us pain involve some form of loss. Whether that be the biggest loss – the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship, approval, dignity, self-confidence or a desire.

Initially, on having these difficult experiences we tend to resist them, we wish things were different. We may feel hurt, anger, resentment, and try to control the situation by bargaining our way back to how things were.

It’s painful to experience these challenges and losses as part of life, but once we let go of resistance to what has happened, we move into a phase of acceptance. What has happened has happened and we know that we cannot ever control or change that. We may look back and feel a sense of loss, but it is no longer a battle within us. This is the emotion of sadness.

Like many other emotions, sadness can be a tangible experience, which we can feel move through us, like an energy that tells us we are within the flow of life rather than trying to resist it.

In my own life, and in helping many others, I have come to see that sadness in its truest form can be a positive experience because once we have reached this point of acceptance we are on the path to healing.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, you can join the comments below

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