Say Goodbye to People Pleasing

In the many years I’ve been helping people, I’ve seen that one of the most common causes of unhappiness is the overwhelming need to please others. This is something that often starts in our earliest years, when we have a deep desire to be accepted and to gain the approval of those who care for us.

But as adults it’s hard to be happy when we’re so focused on others’ acceptance and approval. People Pleasing strips our confidence and make relationships much harder than they need be.

It’s my greatest thrill to help people overcome this and see them transform their lives—that’s why I’ve put together this online course on just this topic!

Here are some of the things people say:

  • “I want to be able to Say No instead of always saying Yes!”
  • “Whenever I try to set boundaries, I end up falling back into old patterns”
  • “I wish I could find the balance between putting my own needs first and being kind to others”
  • “I get tongue tied, I need some tips on communicating my needs clearly”
  • “I never have enough time for myself because I keep giving it away to others, then I feel resentful”
  • “I just want to be assertive without feeling guilty about it”

In this four week course you will:

  • Understand where the need to please comes from and why it’s been so hard to shift
  • Learn great communication skills to be able to state your needs effectively
  • Learn how to practice Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear the emotional blocks that drive you to please others
  • Discover how to find balance between kindness and assertiveness

Many online courses just offer you videos, then leave you to your own devices.

With this course you’ll have specific homework tasks, the opportunity to be in contact with other students and your own personal coaching sessions.

  • Homework tasks specifically based on proven therapeutic methods
  • Training videos to study in your own time
  • Specific training on tools and techniques which you can use beyond the course
  • Membership of a Facebook group created exclusively for the course where you can get support from other students
  • 2 x One-to-one coaching sessions