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Welcome to the Shine Bright Community!

Welcome to the Shine Bright Community!

Marléne Rose Shaw Therapist | Coach | Author

Imagine living on your own terms, free from the shadow of others' opinions and judgments. Where people-pleasing is a thing of the past and self-love is your natural way of being.

And with the clarity and certainty of who you are, and what you want, you confidently attract happiness, success, and fulfilling relationships. 

If this is the life you want, the Shine Bright Community is for you!

You'll discover a wealth of tips and resources including bite-size, easy activities and insights to help you stop people-pleasing, set boundaries without worry or guilt, and communicate your needs with confidence and certainty.

You'll meet like-minded people, travelling the same path. You'll make friends, get support and share your wins.

In the Shine Bright Community You'll Find:

  • Free Weekly tips and insights to help you set great boundaries, learn powerful communication skills, practise self-love, build confidence and raise your vibration. It's good stuff!
  • Free audio and video resources - to help you build confidence, have better relationships and find success. 
  • Free access to companion resources for the books.
  • 10% Discount on all courses and workshops
  • Shine Bright Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded people. Make friends, get support and share your wins.

Join Us - It's Free!

Praise for Shine Bright

Thank you Marléne for making my life and relationships so much better. AM

Marléne - I look forward to receiving your emails - it has been a great help. JD

Thank you very much for your support. Your books and your words have been of help in figuring out my own voice and learning to listen to it. CO

You are an inspiration. I would love more people to know your fabulous skills. MB

I love your positive emails you send out. Always very helpful and uplifting. Thank you! KB

Join The Shine Bright Community.

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