3 Signs That It’s Time To See A Therapist

3 Signs That It’s Time To See A Therapist

Is there something that's been niggling you in your life; maybe in relationships, at work, or with your confidence, and you've wondered: Is it time to see a therapist?

We all experience problems in our lives; it's part of being human. Sometimes we can work through these challenges by ourselves – but very often, struggling alone means we can end up exhausted, going round in circles, never truly resolving the issue at all. This is because it often takes a professional who has been through a lot of training and has the right skills and tools to help you overcome these problems.

So what are the signs that it’s time to see a therapist?

If the same problem keeps cropping up across different situations

If you become aware that the same issues keep coming up for you, regardless of the relationships you have, where you live or the work you do - then it’s time to seek help.

People don’t come into therapy because they have a problem. They come into therapy because they’re stuck in a problem—either it won’t go away, or it does go for a while, but then re-presents itself further down the line.

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It’s easy to attribute difficult experiences to other people or situations. For example

  • I keep meeting the wrong men/women.

  • I always end up with a mean boss.

  • Everyone in this particular place is unfriendly

If you keep having the same experiences across different situations it’s likely that it's more to do with your own limiting beliefs than with those other people or places.

Most of us pick up some limiting beliefs in early childhood.

They remain deep in the subconscious and we tend to operate our lives according to them as they impact how we think and feel about ourselves and others, and what we expect out of life and relationships.

So if you become aware that you keep having the same unhappy experience no matter who you’re with or where you go – it’s time to seek help from someone who can help you uncover the roots of all that. Then you can let go of those unhelpful beliefs once and for all and life becomes so much better.

If People Keep Telling You To Seek Help

Another sign that it’s time to seek help is when people keep telling you to. I know that may seem overly simple, but it’s often the case that we don’t want to face up to the problems in our lives. That's just human nature.

If someone, or more than one person, is suggesting that you seek some help, take heed. They’ve probably stuck their neck out to speak up and suggest it to you. They obviously feel strongly about it and care enough about you to bring it up - so it’s worth paying attention to them.

If you don’t agree with them, it’s still worth seeking help. Having even one session with a professional will clarify things in your mind once and for all. 

If You’re Using Distraction Techniques

If you’re doing too much of anything then you’re very likely distracting yourself. Whether that be overworking, using alcohol or drugs, gambling, shopping or any number of things.

If you’re overdoing it in one area of life, it's because another area feels unmanageable. Maybe you’re trying to avoid facing difficult emotions such as hurt and pain, possibly even anger.  

But much as you try to distract yourself the problem still exists. Seeking help from a professional means you're no longer alone with that distress; someone who really knows how to help is there to help you journey through it, and come out the other side.

We are evolving beings  - So It's always time to see a therapist!

It's helpful to remember that we are evolving beings, living as part of an evolving universe. The challenges we face are all a normal part of the process of learning and becoming a wiser human being. Seeking help to let go of past blocks and grow as a person; well that's a pretty cool thing to do!

So if you identify with any or all of the three signs, its time to seek help so that you can move forward to a much happier life. It'll be a wonderful adventure!

And as always to my lovely community, much kind love 🙂

I'm Marléne Rose Shaw

I specialise in helping people remember their self-worth, build more confidence and have the relationships they deserve.

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