Next enrolment starts February 3rd 2022

Grow your self-worth

 gain more confidence

create the relationships you deserve the course especially for people like you who want to live life to your best potential 

Set better boundaries

Stop People Pleasing

Find Your confident Voice

Learn to Love Yourself

  • Weekly Workshops (Never more than 10 people)
  • Dedicated Private Online Group
  • Training and Resources


You’re the expert on you.

I’m the expert in psychological well-being.

Together we can help you create an amazing life


On this course you will:

  • Stop people-pleasing: set better boundaries and feel okay about putting yourself first.
  • Learn how to improve your relationships: be respected, valued and appreciated.
  • Discover proven communication skills to help you speak up and be the authentic you.
  • Let go of childhood trauma, overcome anxiety and feel more secure in life.
  • Discover how to practice the magical power of self-love through self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-kindness methods.
  • Learn techniques to release overwhelming emotions such as guilt, resentment, hurt and anger.

Be part of the ripple effect 

When you give to yourself you can give to others in a truly authentic way.

I've seen time and again that when we work on ourselves it carries across to all our relationships, and beyond.

This is how we heal our world - by starting with ourselves.

Let Me Guide You

Marléne Rose Shaw Therapist

Let me walk by your side on your journey into your confident new life

Dedicated time and space just for you. 

Small intimate and confidential workshops.

Facilitated by my experience as a therapist with over 25 years helping people transform their lives .

One Payment


Two Payments 


(that's €2,595 or US $3,000

(that's €1,415 or US $1,635

Next enrolment starts January 4th 2022

Here's How It Works

Overcome Your Blocks Workshops
  • Weekly workshop exploring a specific topic e.g boundaries.
  • I'll be teaching you tips, techniques and skills that have helped thousands of my clients over the years.
  • I’ll suggest small and easy tasks to help you put this learning into practice.
  • You’ll consider your own personal goals to help you apply these skills to your own life.
  • We'll review how everyone's got on with their goal.
  • Feedback and support from myself and other group members.
  • We'll celebrate each other's wins and you can get support in areas where you may have become stuck.

All workshops are recorded and saved to your confidential private group for you so you can come back and watch the replay as often as you like. 

8 Week Course

One Payment


Two Payments 


(that's €2,595 or US $3,000

(that's €1,415 or US $1,635

Your Private Online Group

The membership also has a dedicated private online group.

  • You'll be able to connect with each other at all times.
  • It's a confidential and safe place to share your experiences, ask questions, encourage and support each other.
  • I'll also be in the group offering my expertise and suggested exercises to help you.
  • I'll give my support and guidance and offer you professional resources to draw on.


This is a very special online program. I make sure every new member has come to the right place and will get the very best experience.

So your next step is to book your free chat with me.

I'll tell you more about this very special online program, how it can help you grow your self-worth, gain more confidence and create the relationships you deserve.

Hi, I'm Marléne Rose Shaw

Therapist, Coach and Self-help Author. 

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been privileged to help thousands of people gain self worth, find their voice and have more confident relationships.

I’m passionate about helping people overcome the blocks that have been keeping them stuck.

I love to teach people simple and actionable steps to help them make rapid shifts towards more confidence, overcoming anxiety and happier relationships.

Can I help you too?