I can provide supervision for you if you are:

  • A counsellor or therapist
  • A couples counsellor
  • A supervisor
  • An Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner
  • A Matrix Reimprinting practitioner
  • A mental health practitioner
Marléne Rose Shaw

I love my role as supervisor. It gives me great joy to help you grow and expand your practice so that you can go on to reach your full potential. 

I often think of supervision as making the invisible, visible. With my specialist training and skills I can help you:

Explore the processes that your clients are experiencing

Get more clear on the dynamics of your therapeutic relationships 

Explore ethical issues

Help you to find more clients and expand your practice

Expand on your professional career

Teach you methodologies and techniques

Highlight new skills you may like to explore


Marléne has a wealth of experience to help grow a practice and deal with all the practicalities that come with running a private practice.

I really feel that Marléne is a major contribution to me being a better counsellor.

Marléne is an expert in running a practice online. She's helped me move forward much more rapidly than I could have done otherwise. GF

I started supervision with Marléne a few months ago. I’ve been practicing for 10 years and I can honestly say that Marléne is the best supervisor I’ve ever had.

Her guidance means that some of my clients who were really stuck are now progressing and thriving. I feel held and supported, yet also challenged. In turn my clients and my practice are
benefiting. CB