3 Mistaken Ideas That Stop You Overcoming Anxiety

I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety and panic attacks. I love seeing people make the shift from having a life ruled by their anxiety, to being free, confident and happy!

One of my clients recently sent me this message:

'Marléne, I wanted to say thank you - my life is fab now. I have my own flat, a new job and I can go in and out of the supermarket as I please!'

I get messages like this all the time - and it totally warms my heart 🙂

One thing I’ve seen is that people often get stuck in a life of anxiety because they've formed mistaken ideas about what anxiety is, and what having anxiety must mean about themselves.

Maybe you're feeling like this right now, or you know someone who's struggling.

Read through the following 5 mistaken ideas about anxiety - then visit this link to find out more about the short course I put together to help people. It's called: Say Goodbye To Anxiety: Master Your Mindset.

Mistaken Idea #1: My Panic Symptoms Are Abnormal

No, your panic symptoms are NOT abnormal, they are a normal reaction to stress.
When my clients first come to me for help they sometimes ask what on earth is happening to them. It’s as though the anxiety has crept up from nowhere and overtaken their life.

But those panic attacks are just a reaction to stress in your life. They show up in your body as a pounding heart, churning tummy, breathlessness etc.

It’s because you get scared of these feelings in your body that you panic. Panic is often fear of fear itself. It usually starts with having one panic attack and then worrying:

"What if I have another!"  ... and so a cycle begins.

Remember your physical symptoms only happen because your body is listening in and responding to your thoughts about them.

So doesn't it make sense that If you can think yourself into a panic attack – you can equally think yourself out of one?

Mistaken Idea #2: I’m The Only One Who Feels Like This!

If you’re experiencing panic attacks; it's easy to feel all alone with your problem. However anxiety and panic are extremely common. In fact, most people have either experienced panic attacks or know someone who has.
I've helped thousands of people who’ve had anxiety and panic. I too used to have debilitating attacks at one time in my life. So I do know how bad they can feel!

Mistaken Idea #3: I’ll Never Get Over This!

The majority of people are perfectly capable of overcoming anxiety with the right help and following the correct techniques.

Let's pause for a moment here to remember how amazingly intelligent the human body is.

None of us has to ask our heart to beat, our lungs to breathe, our blood to flow, our muscles to tense - the human body does this all by itself.

An innate intelligence!

However, the human subconscious can also be a little bit daft!

Why? Because your body doesn’t always know the difference between what you imagine in your head – and what you are actually doing. Have you noticed when you watch a scary film, your heart beats a little faster?

You’re actually just sitting there in front of a screen, but your mind thinks it's all real.

But on the plus side of this; it means that if you change what your mind is focusing on, you can change whether or not you experience anxiety.

Take note of these five mistaken ideas and change your thoughts accordingly.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.

Next, find out how the Say Goodbye To Anxiety Course can help you.

And as always to my lovely community, much kind love 🙂

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