Use this journal with the journal prompts in any of my books. You can also use it for your general journalling process.

The quotes in the journal are to inspire and help you gain confidence, self-esteem and happier relationships.

When you journal - note the thoughts and feelings that come up for you as you explore the material in the books. 

Wisdom Journal

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Wisdom Journal Quote
Wisdom Journal Pages
Wisdom Journal Pages

Hi, I'm Marléne Rose Shaw; therapist, coach and self-help author. Over the past 25 years, I’ve been privileged to help thousands of people.  

I love to teach people simple and actionable steps to help them make rapid shifts towards more confidence, overcoming anxiety and happier relationships.

I’m passionate about helping people overcome the blocks that have been keeping them stuck and unhappy, sometimes for decades, so that they are free to become the creators of their own destinies.

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