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Harnessing the Magical Power of Self-Love

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Saturday 7th January 2023 10am UK / 11am C.E.T 

60-90 minutes. Limited to a maximum of 8 participants 

£35 / €40 /$41.50

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself? Do you speak to yourself in unkind ways and judge yourself as not good enough? Do you often compare yourself to others and devalue your worth?

If this is you, you’re not alone. Despite knowing that self-love is a good idea, many people struggle to do so.

Lack of self-love sabotages confidence and success in life. It makes relationships a challenge because so much effort is put into seeking validation from others.

Learning to love yourself

From many years helping clients, I've seen the power of self-love. It is the magical ingredient to a happier life. When you practice self-love you start to feel more secure, you  have better relationships, and you feel inspired and confident to achieve your dreams. 

Then life becomes an adventure and all the good things happen!

In this workshop we will explore

What does self-love really mean?

Why do we struggle to do it even when we know it’s good for us?

How can we get better at self-love?

Practical tools and techniques to start a practice of self-love

I thought this workshop was a great mix of everything important. I really enjoyed your teaching and being part of the group - sharing experiences. The exercises were powerful in helping me access a more self-loving part of myself.

K.B Sweden

Sign up and learn more about self-love. You get awesome tips on how to think and how to create more self-love in your life, the easy way.

J.S London

How this workshop will help you

Struggling with self-love can be a lonely journey. Yet, I’ve seen and experienced first-hand how something extraordinary happens when people with a common problem come together. When you realise you’re not alone in this, that others are going through the same thing, there is relief, a release and things start to shift.

The workshop includes:

60-90 minutes workshop on Zoom.

Teaching from my many years experience as a therapist.

Exploration and discussion with myself and up to 7 others who understand what it’s like to struggle with self-love.

The group experience to give and receive support, offer feedback and share wins.

Practical tools to help start a self-love practice

Access to the Exceptional Life Community on Facebook, which is facilitated by me.

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Marléne Rose Shaw

£35 / €40 /$41.50

If you’re looking for a friendly, confidential and professional group session to help with your self confidence, self love and relationships, this is the one!

S.H Bournemouth

I had some real aha-moments in this workshop. M most importantly  I understand now that being hard on myself only holds me back.-  

Self-love is an actual tool to make my life and my relationships better. Thank you Marléne!

J.H Spain