Your Questions Answered: Couples

We’re not sure what to expect?

If you've never been to see a therapist before, you may be worried about what to expect. This is quite usual, but people often feel greatly relieved that they have ​taken this step in making positive changes for your relationship.

Which therapy package should we choose?

In your free 30-minute consultation we can discuss your needs and you can choose an option..

​Option 1: You can book sessions on a 'one at a time basis' if you prefer.

Option 2: Many people opt for one of the 6 or12 session packages which include additional tools and resources for you to practice and apply in between sessions

Current therapy packages are:

Reconnect - Bring the love back into your relationship

​Restore the Peace -  Let go of anger, resentment and bickering

​After The Affair - Learn to love and trust again​​

​I have developed each therapy package to include resources dedicated to a specific couples issue. Because every couple is different, I then further tailor your resources to suit your unique needs.

If you are unclear which package to choose, or would like me to create a package for you, we can discuss this in your free 30-minute consultation

Are you specifically qualified in Couples Therapy?

Yes, Couples Therapy is a special type of therapy, so it’s important that you get help from someone fully qualified in this field.

I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling and am a member of the CCN, the Couples Counselling Network

I specialise in helping people with confidence ​and relationships and am the author of

Out Of Fear Into Love, and How Kind People Get Tough

How long are the sessions?

Couples Sessions are for 1 hour and ​15 minutes. 

This is longer than standard couples sessions which are 50-60 minutes – in my experience, 7​5 minutes works well for couples. It is an optimum length of time for you, because it allows plenty of time to work on your needs, without becoming too overwhelming.

How much will our sessions cost?

​Fees are shown in Euros. You can pay US $ or GBP

Sessions booked at a 'one at a time' basis: €110 per session

Therapy package: 6 sessions ​plus resources ​€700

Therapy package: 12 sessions ​plus resources ​€1,300

How often will we have the sessions?

​Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In your free 30-minute consultation we can discuss your personal needs and your schedule. We can then decide on the ​best fit for you.

Where are you located?

​I am located in Algarve Portugal. We can have sessions using Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp video. 

When the crisis is over: if you are in Algarve, Portugal you can visit me at my practice in Lagos

How do we book sessions with you?

​Go to the Couples Therapy Page, choose an option and follow the link to ​the Confidential Enquiry Form. 

Or call/WhatsApp on either

+351 920 203 933


+44 7429 440968