Why You Should Never Try To Stop Your Negative Thoughts!

Letting go of negative thinking is something that I help many of my clients achieve, but I always tell them: You should never try to stop your negative thoughts.

Are you reading this and thinking – surely she’s wrong? After all, negative thoughts are bad. They make people unhappy; they sabotage self-confidence, they create depression and anxiety.

So surely, we should try to stop our negative thoughts?

But there's a very good reason that I say you should never try to stop your negative thoughts.

That's because when we try to stop having negative thoughts, we give them more power.

As the founder of psychoanalysis, Carl Jung said:

'What you resist, persists.'

By this he meant that the more we try to push something away, the more important it seems, and so the more power it holds over us -  the more difficult it is to let it go.

It’s the same with unwanted thoughts.

Allow your negative thoughts but don't give them too much attention.

Negative thoughts will pop into your mind without any conscious choice on your part. It happens because your mind has formed a habit of thinking those thoughts.

The good news is that if you can form a habit of negative thinking, you can just as easily form a habit of positive thinking.

If you do it in the right way

You can't always choose the thought that pops into your head - but you can choose the thought you follow it up with.

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Instead of trying to force away a negative thought, just notice when one pops into your head - then follow that up with something more self-loving. 

For example: 'I'm doing my best, I’m working on changing this habit now'

Practice doing this and in a very short time the habit of negative thinking will diminish and instead you'll have formed a habit of self-loving positive thoughts.

Try this for just two weeks and see how much better you feel!

And as always to my lovely community, much kind love 🙂

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