We tend to think of confidence in terms of the things that we achieve in life. While those things are important they don't always last.

True confidence comes from knowing yourself really well.

Confidence doesn't come from what we do.

It comes from how we 'be'.

Marléne Rose Shaw

The key to confidence is found in learning to ask yourself the right questions.

But what are the right questions to ask and how will you know the answers?

7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves - The Book

Based on over 25 years helping clients gain success, confidence and great relationships 7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves will help you:

  • Discover what true confidence really means.
  • Learn 7 powerful questions to ask yourself that will significantly raise your confidence.
  • Understand why these 7 particular questions will be so effective in changing your life.
  • Easily integrate these 7 powerful questions into your life as a powerful personal development habit.

You are certainly speaking to me in the book. I love the tone, messages, pace and length of the chapters so far. Another success from you - you certainly have a talent for making the complex very relatable. Have a great day! You’ve certainly helped mine!

I'm amazed as to the suggestions, that when reading, seemed so obvious & simple, but I've never seen or thought of. Things are clicking into place for me, the more I read.

You deal with deep things in a light-hearted encouraging way so that I want to learn & explore more and more. 

I find reading what and how you've written, in a easy to understand, broken down into "small steps" brilliant.

Thank you for your insight, guidance, showing me it is possible for me to explore and discover the real me and make sense of all the confusing emotions, feelings, along with suggesting tools & techniques that I may want to use everyday for the rest of my life, to flip negative thoughts into positives for a much happier and healthier life, as well as making sense of being human. 

The 7 Questions

The First Question: How Am I Feeling Right Now?

The Second Question: What Am I Focusing On?

The Third Question: What Do I Actually Want? 

The Fourth Question: What Am I Still Holding On To?

The Fifth Question: How Can I Value Myself More?

The Sixth Question: What Would This Look Like If It Were Easier?

The Seventh Question: What Can I Learn From This?

These questions are beautifully simple, yet as you get into the habit of asking them you’ll discover just how powerful they can be in helping you gain more confidence and mastery over all areas of your life.

7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves - The Book
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