7 Great Tips To Help You Deal With Rejection

7 Great Tips To Help You Deal With Rejection

If you find it hard to deal with rejection you're not alone. Rejection is one of the most painful emotions that human beings can experience and it's something that we all experience sometimes.

All children crave love and attention from their caregivers.

Sensitivity to rejection often starts in childhood. As social beings it's part of our very nature to want to feel included, approved of and safe; especially in childhood. However, in a busy world, parents can't always provide this level of attention and approval in every moment.

So as a child you may have had some experiences that unsettled your sense of security and self-worth. The more this happened the more sensitive you’ll be to rejection because you'll find it hard to trust in the affection and commitment that people offer you.

It's only natural that we reject each other sometimes.

Life is complex. We all have our own individual desires, opinions and values. That means that we can’t help but reject each other sometimes because we want different things. You may feel that it is you yourself who is being rejected, when really it’s just a particular situation or opinion that isn’t wanted.

So there will always be occasions when you feel rejected, it can't be avoided.

The trick is to understand that it's not about avoiding rejection altogether - it’s learning to recognise it when it happens, understand that what you're feeling is normal and then let it go.

Over the years, I've helped many people become much better at dealing with rejection so that they can go on to feel more confident and have easier happier relationships. I love seeing this change in people and that's why I've created this free guide for you:

7 Great Tips to Help You Deal With Rejection. 

1. Don't try to live a rejection free life. Accept that rejection is a
natural part of the human experience and that everyone experiences it.

2. Remember that rejection is about the other person, their choices,
desires and needs. It’s not about you.

3. Work on overcoming the challenging experiences you had in
childhood, by reading personal development books, taking courses
and having therapy sessions.

4. Become your own best friend. Soothe your inner child with words
or reassurance. Be kind to yourself, respect yourself and treat
yourself with love, and you'll find it much easier to deal with rejection.

5. Notice when you criticise yourself. Don't resist those thoughts
because you’ll give them more power. Just add kinder thoughts
and eventually the critical thoughts will naturally diminish.

6. Talk to the person who is rejecting you. Tell them how you feel. It
will show up in your behaviour anyway so you may as well be open
about it.

7.  See rejection as an opportunity for you to learn and grow.
Remember that life is a journey towards wisdom. remember that you're an ever-evolving being and you’re doing just great.

Follow these seven tips and you'll find rejection much easier to manage.

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